Academic journal article Military Review

Poem of a Soldier

Academic journal article Military Review

Poem of a Soldier

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You praise the man I was, and curse the man I am.

Depending on which God you love, who I will be may be damned.

Yet still I'll sell my soul for you, I'll save us all from our worst selves,

I know no other love than this, I fear no other hell.

I am what I am, 'cause I was made to be.

I raise the mountains, bring them down, and push the seven seas.

I reap the grapes of wrath, I am the hand that feeds,

I am the brimstone falling from the angel wings.

I damn the damned, and bless the weak.

For the lame walk, and for the mute speak.

The poor and oppressed find their rest in me,

I break the chains and bringforth the free.

The destroyer of worlds, I am become of death.

I am enveloping nights, approaching bayonets.

I am the darkest valley where the sword is whet,

the shadow of death is my silhouette.

I was forged in afire lit long ago.

Born of a crucible not my own.

Yet by this birthright in man am I mold,

I am strength multiplied by a thousandfold. …

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