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As a rule, only check your and your boss' emails three times a day. Although it's important to keep an eye out for urgent emails to flag, you need to find time to complete tasks outside of the inbox.

Communication is key

If you don't get to have a face-to-face catch up with your boss then send them a short email, or give them a quick five minute call to run through urgent priorities, tasks and blockers.


The more your manager trusts you, the more they'll feel comfortable with giving you more responsibility, which often leads to working on interesting projects outside of the usual PA quota.


There are days that can be tough and it can be frustrating when you're constantly requesting answers, documents, or chasing meetings - but it's part of the job.


If something needs to happen, such as your boss needing to head off to travel for a meeting, then make it happen. Don't be afraid to chase them or continually request for it to be done. Be firm and assertive - they may groan, but they'll appreciate it.


As a PA, you are privy to a lot of private and confidential information. Do not disclose anything that is of that nature. You're entrusted with that information, so pick your discussions wisely.


Juggling various projects and tasks at any given time is part and parcel of being a PA. Keep plates spinning with good timekeeping and prioritising.

Problem solving

Decide what is the problem and what is the end solution? Figure these two things out and work backwards in terms of steps needed to reach a resolution. …

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