Academic journal article English Journal

I've Found Your Bookmarks

Academic journal article English Journal

I've Found Your Bookmarks

Article excerpt

I've found your bookmarks

in the used books I've bought

at thriftstores and garage sales.

A variety of thin, discreet, paper nothings,

a magazine insert from People in Frank McCourt's


your laminated reading schedule of Cry, the Beloved


and an old Polaroid picture in Tony Hillerman's


of your three Hispanic cousins,

one was kinda cute.

You've used Delta Airline tickets,

coupons for toothpaste,

and sometimes even toilet paper,

all dispersed, abandoned, forgotten,

at various locations inside,

some near the beginning, 20 pages in,

you'd barely gotten to know the main characters,

others so close to the end,

so close to the conclusion,

you missed it by paragraphs,

and I wonder why you gave up there.

What you bought brand new for $14.95,

I got for a dollar, in decent condition,

maybe a few folded corners,

maybe a few scribbles and notes,

but those don't bother me,

I like them, like we're reading together,

a private book club, just me and you,

"Why did you underline that line? …

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