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Academic journal article English Journal


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My father-known for

a rhetorical device used to imply that which cannot be said-

Never finishes his thoughts,

Although his unuttered rules are clearer than language

Master of the poison pen

He knows how Finnegan's Wake begins

And ends

"He can make a will so air tight it . . ."

My sisters and I are always annoyed when he starts

A sentence and then . . . you know

For years the trait evinced from us

"Much in the way of loving parody":

"Now look! You can't just . . ."

We could easily fill

the vacuum of the unspoken

". . . Leave your melting popsicle on the new coffee table."

". . . Peel off the Chevy's wood paneling scraping the fence."

". . . Come into the house with a blackened eye and a torn dress. …

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