Academic journal article Chicago Review

Symboliste Propaganda

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Symboliste Propaganda

Article excerpt

splendid grime grooms every niche

then capers mene mene on the wall

the fairest of them all gone wild

each pending extinction wins gold

such smog tripe of the liberals

will not save us from affective

soteriology and pop drones come

lichens said in darkest capital

decking out a rhapsodic wilding

dark symbolistes of revolutions

that are not televised for this

this lichen is in on the detail

well a manuscript without lichens is

a score without grace notes how each

air balloon's at sea on songs in sun

to the skip of dreams

which felt stops sing

come break the moulds

and the oompah oompah

so lichens are a sloth's best friend

to be in sympathy with the symbiotic

front load stool of oblivion spawned

out of acronyms set in bone such are

the lichens of capital the efficient

flock wallpaper of disaster flicks o

rocks without lichens are books

without leaves not even a ghost

to give up and give the lie the

crushing finite bruised skyline

how lichens are typographers of

oxgen sewing serifs into azures

then lichens for postage stamps

of dark ecology and revolutions

with water marks in done smiles this

head to lay down down here here

on the hinge of third

nature there's no

thing so critical as

outlaws taking up the

epic undo and so to

the sweet refrain a

garden without lichens is

a garden without hope as

variation sprouts rote there

goes the proxy shit giving

the grammar ladder made

substrate and trends for

the breather workshop what

price lichen envy in

the landskip squall not

in ideas but cloud stalls

for physic eyes x

marks the complex crux of spelt litters how

a lichen is a sign containing natures coming

to in stigmata amid printed matter how

postage stamps are become the lichens of

industrial revolution and of nostalgia and

of found mosaics in classical montage as

the digital type forms the known scars as

it will become some party or

even a leftist light sect of

the best before just poor to

slur in the better tenses on

dappled fonts as a stuffy picturesque

grammar and this this

patter drum does theory a

lichen is a poem containing theory containing

archives containing every thing

that the good boy deserves for favour

sucks until his digital thumb thumb

becomes an ideogram on a digital bow

oh doesn't orange rhyme with lozenge

and as no such thing as free lichens

but still or mightier than the sward

not to mention have nots yes in eyes

every dark monument in lichen lining

it won't wash and don't count

the unsung work is never done

as barks in soundbites so sew

the sung to pixelated lichens

roughly speaking

barbs even wires

over the scumble

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