Academic journal article Chicago Review

Dead End

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Dead End

Article excerpt

Dead end/ help us

to broaden our destinies

You such a looked-down-upon

cave/ desert/ sharp-edged


arid dairy farm/ slicing ice floe

bridge prolonged by a gas

that all of a sudden pulverizes

the unfindable four-leaf


which provide oxygen and nourishment and lend their wings

to your wounded lungs/ to the kangaroo hooves

with which your banks advance

Dead end

pirate plank

tiger lunge

transpiration among fog

LSD slipping away

face where we see drinking

sucking the life

from the most nomadic species

of our fiery trees

Dead end

voice of the restless

song of the difficult

screen of cherry trees

that cross-dressers pick to make faces

Injection of "Enough already!"

papyrus of signs

to which only imbeciles

won't surrender their gaze

Cradle of mutiny

Incubator of orgasms

carnivorous hammock

in which I meditate the jazz juices

which will have me out fresher

brighter/ from my next fires

Apparently you've opted to turn your back on us

To cordon off our neck muscles

to shred up our rifles

to play ghost banquet with us

But what is certain in this crossword

of shaky barricades

unmade beds

uncertain rendezvous

with the unknown intrauterine

But what is certain in this crossword

is that the poet's tongue visits you

the sweat of the guerrilla penetrates you/ to the eyes

the electrified fetuses of still unsatisfied desire

dance with your vertebrae

forge your piccolos

they light their incense in your pelvis

While you smile at them and chat

you give them fuel/ vibratory soma

climbing teeth you yank out of yourself

& now you can consider yourself

a partner: an accomplice: little infrarealist brother of ours

Let's cross, limping/ hair messed up/ or singing

the dusty chalks of this line

Dead end

hitchhiking myself

Your left thigh: sickness

your right thigh: medicine

At the hour when they close their box offices

the night clubs & circuses

The moment when aspirin sales plummet

famed consoling hexameters

then you appear

on the way to tattoo us under your skin

the first scratch of our most obsessive self portrait

& now we even whistle at you between dreams

& we'd rather go out with you & with zero passports

along these streets/ boulevards of mold

milky off streets/ straight shots to the amber hemorrhaging

Dead end

tell us with 1 eye

pinwheeling 1 eyelash

where should we shoot

smoothly/ feverishly

our last ice pick-gaze

our last cartridges

whirlwinds of clear life & fresh semen

We are dead to normality

we are inexistent to military logistics

to the chilly waters of stock-market calculations

our scales/ our helices

are phantasmagorical tooth roots

irresistible coagulates of a shining

that claims to deny us with gunshots

But you know full well

that way inside you

we caress and sample your mouthful

we rip apart forever

the lightless rugs of the horoscope

Dead end

Dead end live end

partner: accomplice: little infrarealist brother of ours. …

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