Academic journal article Academy of Strategic Management Journal

Social Management Systems' Modeling Based on the Synergetic Approach: Methods and Fundamentals of Implementation

Academic journal article Academy of Strategic Management Journal

Social Management Systems' Modeling Based on the Synergetic Approach: Methods and Fundamentals of Implementation

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The analysis of the management systems of the enterprises of oil and gas industry conducted in this article showed that they were not ready to the conditions of the political, social and economic crisis which began in the second half of 2014. Not only the financial performance indices connected with the critical prices' fall for the raw materials had been affected, but also the personnel potential.

The socially oriented management is urged to resolve many social problems in the industry, but it is required to take into account, in case of the management system development model, the specificity of the oil and gas complex enterprises, without destroying, but on the contrary, strengthening the social potential of the oil and gas complex. The use of the synergetic approach makes it possible to achieve the management models creation, while preserving the social features of the existing organizational structures at the enterprises.

The social research which had been done, showed that there was a high staff turnover at the enterprises of the industry, generally among the most competent and experienced specialists, a high coefficient of the personnel turnover, both recruited and dismissed, was traditionally noticed. The lack of the employees' motivation to continue their careers in that industry, their orientation on a temporary employment (the main goal being to save up some money, rather than develop their own company) - these and other managerial problems considerably increase instability at the industrial enterprises in the times of crisis. (Gaisina, Bakhtizin, Mikhaylovskaya, Khairullina, Belonozhko, 2015; Gaisina, Gareev, Valitova, Khairullina, Ustinova, 2015).

Such operating conditions of the enterprises are also complicated by the fact that the oil and gas complex is presented by a number of organizations that differ in their structure. The systems managing so many social objects stand out as highly complex ones. Thus, if the implementation of the socially oriented management becomes a goal, it is necessary to develop a special synergetic model of the management system, which will allow every participant of the production process to meet his or her social needs and interests. (Belonozhko, Silin, 2014; Belonozhko, Scythian, 2011).

Let's pay attention to the imminent relevance of such developments from the viewpoint of the practical management technologies. In the 70-s of the 20th century the theory of organizational development started spreading as a practical technology of the implementation of a socially oriented management model. Due to the fact that a number of consulting agencies were opened, and development departments began to appear in the structure of large industrial corporations. However, the technical revolution at the end of the 70-s - the 80-s of the 20th century, followed by an intensive economic development, significantly shifted the focus from the humanistic concepts of long-term organizations' development to seeking the optimum rapid solutions of the productivity improvement. A long systematic work of the consultants with the organizations' staff was replaced for the work with the senior and mid-level management, and instead of working with the corporate culture, the focus was shifted to the quality improvement of interpersonal communications among the individuals.

Thus, the practical results and the results of implementation of the socially oriented management concept were arranged in three main directions: the organizational humanity theory, the open systems' theory and the training through practice theory. The specified theories provide an available technology of the socially oriented management implementation, intercrossing with one another at a varying extent with the principles of the synergy modeling of the management systems.

But the use of the principles of the provided directions in the social conditions of the domestic oil and gas industry is impossible without a proper correction. …

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