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"Dear lord, I am scared of her. She is not normal. She is having a nervous breakdown. Someone is driving her insane. It is me."

-diary of June Gibbons

(via The Silent Twins)

"We are yet but young indeed"



A heavy, stuffed-to-the-brim10x13 envelope falls from the sky. Thud.


DIRTY GIRL appears. She is a white girl with dreadlocks, wearing a filthy trenchcoat. She hasn't showered in weeks (months?). She is bent over, talking to something in her pocket.


I said shhhh

I said





The sound of squeaking.

Small, rodentlike.

Something scurries across the stage on tiny feet.


A school bell.

The twins.

Matching outfits, except for their nylon backpacks-M red, L yellow.

They watch someone walk by with bright, frozen smiles. Then drop them.

L: Did you hear

M: I can't

L: You heard

M: I can't

L: I'm sorry

M: believe

L: I know

M: Did you see

L: I know

M: You did

L: I did

M: The smile

L: I saw

M: On his

L: fat

M: His fat

L: fugly

M: His fugly fat

L: Veiny

M: His veiny fat

L: Face

M: His veiny fat

L: Hands

M: on his fat fucking envelope. Whereas I.

L: Whereas you

M: Whereas I

L: /You

M: I got this.

She drops a crumpled single piece of paper on the ground.

M: "We regret to /inform..."

L: "inform you.. ./that"

M: your spot in the class of 2020 has been taken

L: Occupied

M: Seized

L: Usurped

M: Usurped by a no-good no-talent no-brain-fat-fuck. How.

L: How?

M: How

L: (well)

M: How did this-

They watch someone walk by. A lightbulb:

M: Ohmygodhisbrother.

L: His brother?

M: His brother

L: His

M: reason

L: The /reason

M: Of course

L: You think?

M: his retard /brother

L: his / brother is (?)

M: Duh of / course

L: really?

M: Because of / his

L: you think that's enough to

M: how else

L: well

M: I bet he wrote in /his

L: The essay.

M: His essay

L: What did you

M: Africa


M: My summer in /Africa

L: That's good

M: It's bullshit. It's normal it's boring I mean / you were there

L: I was there

M: Whereas he has

L: You think?

M: A retard

L: I don't

M: Not my fault you're not /retarded.

L: I think / maybe

M: It's not like

L: I think he's

M: / He's retarded

L: got like cystic / fibersis

M: / I mean sure if he were overcoming

L: fibrosis

M: you know, personal retardation

L: That would be

M: Maybe

L: That would / be

M: I mean maybe


M: I'm a girl

L: Yeah

M: Double minority

L:Well I think they're / actually

M: Double Mi/nority.

L: they're like thirty percent

M: Minority vagina.

L: And we both know it's harder for us / than for

M: Affirmative action.

L: It's not like you're black

M: American Dream

L: Or like poor

M: I know that why are you telling me things I know I wish you were actually as retarded as you sound right now because then I would be going to College.

L: You're going to go to-

M: The College.

L: ["right"]

The College

M: Trees and

L: Brick

M: Colonial

L: Columns

M: Low teacher to student

L: The Quad

M: The Field

L: The History

M: The Future

L: The Future

M: My Future

L: Our Future

You and then

M: You

L: You still could get

M: One

L: You still

M: They take one

Every year

They take one

L: They take one

Historically / but

M: Early. …

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