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Girl Saints

Academic journal article Field

Girl Saints

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O LORD, when the Angel said Listen

when the Angel said Do not fall to the earth for anyone

we were already stained in glass.

A circle of black flies biting

our arrival. Scales scraped off of a fish.

Starved girls folded at a line from Leviticus.

This is how it happened: one day we looked outside

& the bloated bodies of frogs were fucking up the yard.

Our hands bled. We saw Rorschach blood in our wounds,

Pietà in egg yolks. There was a hope chest & a threshold

& a bridegroom-revoltingly pagan. We said

"Bring us the coat-check ticket for our eyes."

Nothing was so underpaid as our attention.

If ghost, if whore, if virgin-same origin story:

because X was a face too lovely, Y was a corpse in the lake.

Our sisters said Wait. Our mothers said Stay the hell awake.

We bled on our white clothes-we bore them redly

to the table. …

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