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She wanted to play with the blue parakeet,

so she cupped it in her hands, then let it perch

on her index finger

until her father said the bird was tired,

dear, it gets tired, it's just a little thing,

so she made it rest an hour

then took it out again,

letting it balance on her shoulder. Sometimes

it tried to fly,

but its wings had been clipped

so it fluttered to the floor and hid under the table

until she lifted it again, stroking its head,

while her father said,

it's late now, the bird needs to sleep

and so do you,

so she climbed into bed and the bird would survive a week.

It is wonderful to be in love,

said the drone to its target,

but the target

was talking to his daughter.

In love, in love, in love,

said the drone fluttering at the target's window.

It had a hot engine, a propeller's low pulse.

It took twenty pictures

which it sent wirelessly

to the Central Office,

pictures of a man in a well-lit dining room,

his black-haired daughter,

and her blue parakeet.

He was, the investigators believed, a very bad man,

so they observed him

with the attention of a lover.

Everything he said, their drone recorded, compressed,

and sent on to the Bureau

where such information

was processed for the prosecution.

Before she returned it to the cage,

she let the bird peck at a pile of seed

she held in her palm.

The bird ate just a little. Blueberry, blueberry,

she said, stroking its feathers,

while her father

spoke tersely on the phone,

then studied the map

he'd spread on the table,

a map the little drone

tried to photograph through the window.

In her bedroom,

the cage was an empty head.

But when she opened the door

and the parakeet hopped inside,

the cage was alive with thought. …

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