Academic journal article Cross / Cultures

Wonder of the Age

Academic journal article Cross / Cultures

Wonder of the Age

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He had seen emperors come and go -

some rising to giddy pinnacles of wealth and power

only to be imprisoned, murdered -

yet a true artist never lacked work.

A painter of saints, holy men and gods,

he knew all about creation.

Each time he painted a living thing,

etching every bone, nerve, muscle and limb,

he could never breathe life into the image.

Made him marvel at the miracle wrought

by the Supreme Artist - the universe

an expression of the divine imagination.

As a child he learnt how to chisel paintbrushes

from quills of birds, setting them with fine hairs

plucked from kittens and baby squirrels.

He sorted minerals, grain by grain -

carnelian, malachite, lapis lazuli and emeralds,

according to their purity and brilliance,

each stone a prayer speaking in colours. …

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