Academic journal article International Journal of Communication Research

Father's Teachings: Peace

Academic journal article International Journal of Communication Research

Father's Teachings: Peace

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Pe4ace is "the essence of the heart." A way to inspire a peaceful feeling is breath control. Peace is connected with breathing properly. Sometimes breathing shallowly is due to thinking. When thoughts are directed towards protecting oneself, "one builds around the heart a fortress from different thoughts". Breathing deeply, profoundly and rarely is the way to a peaceful life, it brings comfort into one's life, as where the breathing is shallow, difficult or tormented, one is powerless in the face of problems. "The more someone forgets to breathe, the more the air becomes more toxic and interpersonal conflicts appear" (p. 24). Whereas the one in peace communicates easily, and is understood without words, what he wishes to speak is "carried by the breathe and the wind."

Peace is within reach for everyone, because the ability to find peace is in everyone, but it is a long process that requires the knowledge that one is always loved (by God) and safe.

Peace is not achievable by accelerating one's life. "Countless people feel that their lives are speeding up, but don't realise that they are the ones pouring gasoline in the reservoirs."(p. 24) In order to achieve peace, it is necessary that one should live the present moment and not crave for something different than what is before him at the given moment, does not resist to what is happening to him.

Forgiveness is necessary, both forgiveness of oneself and that of whoever did harm just once. Forgiveness is possible if one understands all the wrong doings as a desperate cry for love. Healing oneself from sufferance is a life long process, but it is possible because the plagues are self inflicted: "if the human being hadn't have caused his own plagues, he would not have been able to relieve himself from them." (p. 40) But forgiving and loving oneself is necessary in order to begin the healing process. Sufferance is necessary because it is a calling that the human beings become aware of the act of violence committed against them by themselves. If the cause of the sufferance is self hatred, self love and self acceptance is the cure.

Accepting conditioned love in the first place and bargaining love in exchange for safety and approval are what lead to the situations that hurt it. "Love is not a merchandise to sell or buy." (p. 46). Only unconditional love is true love and one should start by offering it to oneself. Unconditional love is given without expectations. "It asks for no more than one is able to offer. It does not manipulate and does not demand. It accepts anyone as he/she is and offers blessings. (p. 47) If one cannot offer oneself these blessing, one cannot offer them to others.

To be in peace means to love oneself and one's present moment and to accept both as they are. The presence of God in one's life offers inner and outer peace. Peace is not permanent though because there are always lessons to be taught, but when it goes it comes again and one can rejoin "the dance of universal harmony." Life is a dance and its rhythm beats with every beating of the heart. It is also "the most wonderful gift Life offers." (p. 50)

"Breathing in, a person opens herself to let in whatever comes toward her. Breathing out, she lets all go with profound generosity". (p. 53) One's gifts belong to the humanity and should be shared.

The search for joy is not wrong or selfish, on the contrary, it is the most generous gesture that one can offer, and all persons have something to offer. "If one's life lacks joy, that is because that person has not offered his gift." (p. 56) Sharing the gift with joy, enthusiasm and from the heart, brings joy to oneself and others, and one can thus recognize his gift. Sharing such a gift will always bring treasure back to the giver, but not necessarily what one's ego would expect in matters of social approval of one's talent. Moreover, such a quest of the ego is demanding aggressively love from others and attacking them with one's gifts. …

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