Academic journal article The Hudson Review

The Streaming

Academic journal article The Hudson Review

The Streaming

Article excerpt

MASSACRE in bold headlines as you walk into the coffee shop.

The news. Constantly streaming. Finding you wherever you are:

At home. In the car. In the grocery store or running in an endless


high above Times Square. The not-Iooking at what screams to be

looked at: the missing ones, the dead, the fires and the bombings,

everything ravaged, burned, cracking in a godless desert heat.

Or closer, moving closer in. On the streets, the homeless,

so many of them, hands held out. A dollar changing hands.

Or, the turning away. The refusal. The hardening as more and more

hold out their hands. The mail. The solicitations. A voice asking you

to give,

please, won't you give more? And everywhere the ringing of the


On trains. In waiting rooms. At parties. Weddings. Funerals.

And once, during the third act of a play, an actor alone on the stage,

head bowed, waiting in fury for the endless ringing to end. …

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