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Cases in Leadership

Academic journal article South Asian Journal of Management

Cases in Leadership

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Cases in Leadership Edited by W Glenn Rowe & Laura Guerrero Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 3rd Edition, 2013, Pages: 518, Price: 550 ISBN: 978-14-522-3497-7 (PB)

There are number of books on leadership, but editors W. Glenn Rowe and Laura Guerrero have distinguished this book by incorporating various detailed case studies explaining different leadership theories, beginning from the trait theory to contemporary aspects of leadership such as women leadership, cultural leadership, servant leadership and ethical leadership. They have also incorporated readings supporting the theory or theme of the chapters.

This book contains in total 32 case studies related to leadership issues from the Ivey Publishing Journal and 16 readings. There are two case studies and one reading in every chapter. Each chapter begins with a quote from some leadership expert, to introduce the concept and theory, dealt within the chapter. The author does not elaborate much on theories but has preferred to have long detailed case studies related to the concept, through which they have tried to explain the concepts.

The book starts with two cases which dwelve into the complexities of leadership. "Adcock Ingram: Decisions and Motives That Steer Acquisition" is the first case which sketches the story of an ambitious and charismatic young leader who leads the company to growth path but also fails at his decision of acquisition in the later part of his career, which shows how leadership cannot have a straight path. The second story on "Dickinson College: Inspiration for a leadership Story (In the Vision of Founding Father)" exhibits the challenges and role of inspiring leadership in motivating minds. There are many interesting case studies and reading which brings out the essence of the theories. For example, the case on "A new Executive Director" beautifully describes traits of two different leaders who command different followers because of their traits. The dilemma of the CEO in deciding which one is suited for the organization highlights the relevance of the trait theory even in today's scenario. Another apt case study is "GE - From Jack Welch to Jeffery Immelt" which describes how Jack Welch nurtures a culture in which followers are developed and which brings in the success and innovation in the company, and how six sigma is used to develop people competency. The case enumerates Path Goal theory.

Two different situations are exhibited in which the authors have leftroom for devising different situational leadership in "Conflict Management at TKC Consulting" and in "A bomb in your pocket? Crisis leadership at Nokia India (A)". Case studies like "Organization Founder and Clientele Transformation at VGKK" are an inspiring tale of authentic leadership. The second case on team leadership "Chuck Mackinnon", also showcases team leadership effectively. Exhibits also show team conflict. In the leadership skills approach, the book presents a unique role play titled "Coaching for exceptional Performance Workshop", in which leadership skills are developed. In the next case, the authors have presented how leadership skills are assessed through some very good instruments like Darcy Gallagher's self-assessment Business knowledge and Leadership competencies and skills. Reading the case "Train the Dogs and develop leaders" wonderfully showcases the huge role of HRD in leadership development.

Another very interesting case study titled "Veja: Sneakers with a conscience" not only talks about servant leadership theory, but actually builds upon a very unique industry background of ethical leadership, which gels with theory. The second case study on servant leadership theory - " J-Robert Quimet and Tomasso Corporation" - begins with CEO's dilemma of "a fight in heart and in brain, between humanity and economics of the business". The case study talks about human management activities. The reading also supports the theories such as the "Character of Leadership". …

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