Academic journal article Transnational Literature

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Academic journal article Transnational Literature

Incoming Reports

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World's longest-ruling political party

Every school becomes an elite school

Park connectors merging once-outlying islands across reclaimed land with the mainland and extended into the peninsula to form an unbroken lasso

Every train station married to a mall

Changes to the national pledge include "to uphold" in place of "to build", while "democratic" is now "sustainable"

Largest fountain, tallest hotel (again), biggest public garden, priciest public housing, highest Gross Domestic Product based on Purchasing Power Parity valuation, first skyscraper that looks out into space, first zoo to acquire a dinosaur

Every constituency is a mall

Education system and rising costs of living blamed for rate of student suicides

Amos Yee to head new opposition party

Fault line unzipping along Strait of Singapore

Greatest number of megachurches with the highest recorded attendance

No "historical" site that cannot be refitted with a café or boutique hotel

"Freedom of speech" rated as lowest priority in nation-wide survey below "censorship", "gender equality", "gay rights"

No longer the poor or homeless hiding out after dark in parks, hawker centres, void decks, common walkways, dried-out canals

Tension builds upon successful development of nuclear capabilities

Performance artist jailed for defecating on flag at Venice Biennale

Most educated country in the world

Local arts funding cut by fifty percent

Top ranking in global happiness index above Switzerland and Denmark

Nobody reads poetry

Cyril Wong

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