Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal


Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal


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I love the bejesus out of Jesus

is what I told Miss Hooker, my Sunday

School teacher after class this morning and

I was only trying to be funny

but she slapped me, not hard, but she slapped me

and that was plenty hard enough, I mean

because she stunned me and one day I want

to marry her even though I'm only

10 and she's 25 and I hate to

say it but I'm going to get revenge

for being slapped this morning, I don't mean

that I'm going to strike her back but that

I'll try to do something with the force of

love behind it to square things up between

us but I'm not too sure what that will be,

maybe after the preacher says You may

now kiss the bride, that would be Miss Hooker,

I'll kiss her so good, well I mean, her breath

I'll take away-smack-and of course she'll help,

we'll set up a suction so sure watch us

barely pull our mouths apart again and

when we do, if we do, there will be such

a sound that it will wake the dead and if

not them then the folks in the audience

-congregation I mean-who fell asleep on

God, for He'll be there, too, see if He's not,

and I think He'll make a note of the folks

who couldn't pay attention or wouldn't

and hit them with that transgression when they

die and go to Heaven to be judged but

then again God will judge me, too, I think

sometimes when someone sins against you you're

sinning, too, but don't ask me how, with God

all things are possible, I guess even

what's lousy. …

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