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#28 My Name Means

Academic journal article English Journal

#28 My Name Means

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"Oh. You're not Hispanic? I thought cause maybe of your name."

Then: Victoria Rodriguez

That's my name,

Don't wear it out-

More like,

Don't figure it out.

My name means


with his acute awareness

of mass white hysteria

of unGreat Britain's colonizations

of the Divided States of America's structured -isms.

My name means

could have been a Karamjeet

after my great-grandfather, traditions keep,

after the Punjabi translation of: conqueror of fates.

My name means,

there is no other way,


knows after just seeing, listening, being

translations are an automatic othering.

My name means

he can resent the British despotism

for their rape of his India,

and yet-

he was given the birth of a female,

what other heroine starring tales,

Besides the only powerful female he's learned of

Is a queen called Victoria.

My name means

the patriarchy of assuming my

husband's family name.

The long lineage of Latin blood

that does not course through my veins.

The male identity of my husband

pushes out my reality,

erases who was,

dictates who I will be.

My name means


is invisible,

her struggle as a refugee

is left in the camps and across the sea;

my mother's heritage sunk so low

drowned with all the hopes of leaving a legacy. …

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