Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

As a Child

Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

As a Child

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I knew you as a child. We were closer in age, in that place. Yr parents

had just the right amount of money

& a space for you, & always left a light on. Mine did, too.

I'm trying to describe our houses. Symmetrical white cottages w/patina

from the sun. Partially open

to the outside w/shutters. The windows had no glass in them.

We lived along the quietest river, almost motionless, like a reflecting pool

but not stagnant. That was possible.

The river had no bank to ease in by, it was immediate & deep

yet unthreatening. The houses were plaster w/elaborate trim & tile work.

If you looked at a detail, it revealed its math to

you for hours (bits of pictures I've seen of French 8C Greek islands).

There were choruses of flowers that stayed in bloom for years. Tie weather,

a zephyr. There had never been a blizzard or

a mirage. Your mother worked for a doctor. She was also the doctor.

The doctor's office was made of marble but had solved the echo problem.

Neither noisy nor silent. A low hum far away

even tho it was happening close. …

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