Academic journal article Advances in Management

A Study of Runners' Marathon Race Participation Motivations, Service Satisfaction and Perceived Leisure Benefits

Academic journal article Advances in Management

A Study of Runners' Marathon Race Participation Motivations, Service Satisfaction and Perceived Leisure Benefits

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In recent years, marathon and road running have become a trend in the international sport event, although more and more participants in the marathon movement, but the marathon for the participants of the behavior of the study is relatively fewer.1 Most concentrated in the sports science field, Taiwan's marathon and road race for different ethnic groups, different themes combined with regional tourism and creativity and other diverse appearance, the development of great potential road running industry.

Many county and municipal governments, public institutions, private groups will to run the road is very high. Compared to other sports, road race is a popular activity. And runners are not limited to competition in Taiwan, in recent years more often to participate in other foreign cities of the international marathon, the formation of another fashion.

If the land area and population are the basis of the ratio, Taiwan is the world's marathon with the highest density of the country. Marathon in Taiwan has gradually become an important sporting event and even people who are engaged in marathon movement gradually increased, through the participation of marathon activities, runners can get a different leisure experience and experience, during the racing, the runner can also feel the inner spiritual satisfaction, from which a sense of accomplishment, a sense of belonging and thus self-confidence.2

In the study of Rossman et al3, the participant's leisure experience and satisfaction determine the value of the activity service. Runners are engaged in leisure activities in the process, to experience the fun of leisure activities but also expect to obtain some leisure benefits4,5 and runners engaged in marathon competition in the process, what kind of leisure benefits, so that runners are willing to continue and regular to participate in the marathon activities.

Each runner is on the subjective evaluation of the different activities, the leisure experience of their experiences is not the same. This study explores the participants in the marathon tournament to understand the motivations of marathon runners, the causal relationship between satisfaction and leisure benefits and hope to provide theoretical basis for people to participate in marathon activities.

Review of Literature

Participation motivation: Motivation is a very important factor that affects behavior. It is a stimulating demand that drives consumers to seek action to meet the needs of satisfaction6, leisure motivations are people who participate in leisure behavior of psychological and social reasons. Beard and Ragheb7 confirmed that the main motivation to participate in leisure behavior is to release physical and mental stress, tension and access to physical and mental ease and leisure motivation are divided into: intellectual, social, competence-mastery, stimulus-avoidance and other four facets.

Ogles and Master8 analysis on typology of marathon runners' motivation, found that the 1519 participants formed 5 definable groups named: running enthusiasts, lifestyle managers, personal goal achievers, personal accomplishers and competitive achievers. Hashimoto et al9 studied motivations and psychological characteristics of Japanese ultra-marathon runners, their results found that the motivations of each subject were categorized into achievement, social and psychological reasons. Of the 52 subjects, 73.1%, 46.2%, 32.7% and 26.9% reported that ultra-marathon running provides a sense of achievement (psychological reason), a challenge (achievement reason), the opportunity to extend current capabilities (achievement reason) and the opportunity to socialize with other runners and meet people (social reasons) respectively.9

Havenar and Lochbaum10 studied the motivations of marathon athletes to participate in the event includes: psychological, physical health, social needs and achievement motivation.

Service satisfaction: Satisfaction is an important measure of consumer perception and Oliver11 points out that customer satisfaction refers to an emotional response to a particular transaction and that satisfaction includes a post-purchase assessment of emotional and cognitive components. …

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