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The Valium Song

Academic journal article Field

The Valium Song

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The regularity of the honeycomb. The boy

on a bike riding into the center of town. Hexagonal

cells making a cluster the boy pumps away from.

The First National Bank of Tulsa going pink

to orange to blue even in daytime.

Bees waiting a few seconds before letting go of nectar.

Hanging out on a front porch. Wanting

exact water in the honey in the cell.

The boy gets sunstroke like bees get honey.

Bundles of pollen get brood. The sound

of flesh hitting flesh in the dark. The way

he throws his bike down and runs hard across dirt

to stop his father from hitting his mother.

The scraped abdomen, spine on the basket

hitting a wall. Not the violence but the time

after the time. Not the heavy smell of oil base paint

off tint finding moonlight, but the woman who fixates on it. …

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