Academic journal article Social Alternatives


Academic journal article Social Alternatives


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for ten thousand years

if you asked

how is a rabbit related to a dog

there would have been just one answer

dogs chase rabbits

but for the psychometrists eugenicists like

mr burt mr spearman m binet

that wasn't intelligence

the only answer Science allowed

the only answer they allowed was

both are mammals


if you have any creativity

dr burt dr spearman dr binet

tell me ten ways

a rabbit is related to a dog

you can't you can't even begin

so here are some

both are feral pests in australia

both are restricted to colours

black grey brown russet or white

they supply metaphoric verbs -

to dog a person's footsteps

to rabbit on

they have acute hearing

children keep them as pets

they are names of football teams

they are years in chinese astrology

they dig up gardens

they are animals

traditionally used in scientific experiments

and if you have any precision of thought

professor burt professor spearman professor binet

tell me

what is the one thing

that only dogs and rabbits

have in common

you can't you have no idea

so here is my answer

they are the only animals

whose nursery names are formed

by putting the name of the young

before of the name of the adult


you are not even puppy dogs or bunny rabbits

are you

cyril burt charles spearman alfred binet

Ron Heard,

Brisbane QLD

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