Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

Thinking through Expressing a Passion

Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

Thinking through Expressing a Passion

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Feeling a passion is easy. Seeing a passion is evident. Explaining a passion becomes difficult for many, especially students, and it's not often a skill addressed as students go through school.

As I've gone through college, I've begun to see how powerful career and technical education is for students. Enabling students to see its value while still in high school, as well as effectively communicate it to others not only benefits them as individuals, but has the potential to enhance the experience for students following in their footsteps.

How does one explain a passion? In a marketing class recently, we were asked to examine a paperclip. Looking at this single paperclip we were to write down all its qualities. What was the purpose of the shape? What unique features did it have? What various purposes could it have? What other forms could it be used in? What about it could be enhanced? What are a paperclip's competitors? What are its competitors doing better or worse than it does? What slogan could we create for the paperclip?

The simple paperclip became the topic of a large and almost heated discussion as we all discovered an inner passion to defend a small, bent piece of metal.

In our next class period, we were challenged to choose our favorite pen. With our pens, we had to describe why our pen was unique. Then we had to think through the emotional and functional benefits we got from our favorite pens.

What functional benefits did the pen give me? My pen allowed me to write down ideas. It was used to organize my thoughts and solidify them on paper. I used it to do my homework assignments. Our professor kept asking us what else, what else, what else? to push our brains to think through all the functional benefits the small pen served.

Next, we were asked to think through what emotional benefits the pen served. This too, became a passionate discussion as we each grew a weird and unexpected loyalty to our favorite pen. …

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