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Academic journal article et Cetera

Letter from the Editor

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As time-binders, we innately understand the importance of our various forms of language in bridging the gap between us and our understanding of the world around us. When our time expires on this planet, our words live in, passed down to the next generation with the hopes of informing those that come after to learn from the mistakes of the past and to hopefully find inspiration in the lives of those who came before in molding the future that is still unfolding before them. And if we're really fortunate, perhaps a bit of our spirit will be planted in those future generations.

But sadly, while our ideas live on through language, the corporeal part of our being, our flesh and blood, slowly returns to the carbon dust of the universe, leaving behind only memories and photographic artifacts for the generations that follow. Thus, it is with great sadness that the Institute of General Semantics (IGS) reports the passing of Allen Flagg at the age of 93 on May 30, 2016, in New York City. Allen was a board member for IGS, as well as a recent president of the New York Society for General Semantics, not to mention a longtime advocate of general semantics.

Allen Flagg was born in Ord, Nebraska, but became a longtime New York resident after he attended New York University in the 1940s where he majored in math with minors in physics and English. Allen was a vibrant, energetic, and charismatic leader of general semantics education. He was adept at bringing people outside the world of general semantics into meetings and allowing them to share their perspectives, expanding the reach of general semantics and its overlap with other fields. All those who knew him were immediately enriched by his life and his ideas, and his contributions to the IGS membership in terms of support and inspiration was equally important as his lofty contributions to the institute and the principles and ideas contained in general semantics.

Following are some details about Allen's life that were reported by the New York Times on June 27, 2016.

He enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps in 1942, serving as a platoon sergeant. He was stationed overseas in the first Battalion, third Marines, later to become known as the Chi Chi Jima Marines. He was honorably discharged in July 1946. After the war, he worked as an insurance underwriter.

Allen became interested in General Semantics in 1952, eventually serving for many years as President of the New York Society for General Semantics. …

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