Academic journal article Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Amplify Your Career and Life

Academic journal article Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Amplify Your Career and Life

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Amplify Your Career and Life, by Peter Diamond, MBA. 2014. River Grove Books, Austin, TX, USA. 210 pages.

This book is intended for those who have reached mid-career and are questioning their direction. The author provides understandable guidance and useful exercises that help the reader identify and think through the various issues. Mr. Diamond guides the reader to actionable conclusions. The author begins this book by recognizing that one's abilities and effectiveness increase over time. An ever-growing person eventually looks back into the past and forward into the future. This typically happens around mid-career. It is for this time of life that this book exists. The author leads the reader through four steps that help in understanding and acting mid-career issues: Interrogating your life; Formulating your plan; Conquering old personal foes; Adopting appropriate change

Thus the reader gains insight into the information gathering, deciding, planning, and acting that are necessary to put one's life and career onto a new and positive track. Along the way, seven warning signs of career distress are articulated. Personally, I would suggest that anyone exhibiting two or more of these for a month or longer raise their awareness and begin their process of reflection and conscious evolution:

* Wavering self-confidence

* Adrift at sea

* Relinquished identity

* Feeling neglected

* Idling

* No focus

* Growing discontent

This book is a good guide for this evolutionary process. It helps you be sure your process leads to positive goals, where you are headed, rather than negative goals, what you want to avoid or escape from. The exercise based on these warning signs is well worth your effort.

Be ready for a serious process. The book does not offer flippant advice or quick fixes. Rather, it helps you evolve in a positive direction. As such, the book leads you through a detailed self-evaluation that requires considerable honesty and reflection. This process, if fully carried out, helps the reader arrive at written goals and plans as the past is released to make room for the future. Anonymous client stories, and the author's own life, are used to illustrate details and provide real-life examples.

In my own case, as the end of the Ph.D. process loomed, I began to ask myself, "What Next?" Reaching life-time goals often brings us to a dead end. …

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