Academic journal article Dialogue : A Journal of Mormon Thought


Academic journal article Dialogue : A Journal of Mormon Thought


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Douglas Summers Stay

1. An advent: ancient archangels architect abstract astronomy and arid asteroids.

2. All asteroids appeared amorphous and absent; And all asleep across aquatic anarchy. And astral angels advanced across area.

3. And Almighty asked, "Appear." And all appeared, aglow.

4. And Almighty approved. Aura and absence: an antagonistic arithmetic.

5. An afternoon and aurora, an aeon.

6. And atmosphere and all awash abscinded.

7. Astral air above; aquatic area abased. All as Almighty asserted.

8. Angel's abode appeared. Another afternoon, another aurora. Another aeon.

9. And Almighty authored aquatic archipelagos. Arable acreage appeared.

10. And Almighty approved.

11. Abundant agricultural affluence: azaleas, anise, amaranth. And apples and apricots, almonds and acacias, an arboreal appearance.

12. As asked, all appeared. And Almighty Aleph assessed, and admired.

13. Another afternoon, another aurora. Another age.

14. And Almighty asked, "Astronomical atmosphere ablaze, aglow, an auroral aubade. Aurora and afternoon apportioned asunder. Add annual analemmas and anniversaries."

15. And all atmosphere appeared aglow.

16. Apollo's aura, alighted; Artemis's after, alighted. All astral achieved actuality.

17. And Almighty affixed astronomy and alighted all.

18. And all aglow administered allotted ages and anniversaries. And Almighty approved.

19. An afternoon and an aurora, again an age. …

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