Academic journal article IUP Journal of Marketing Management

Influence of Demographic Factors on Non-Users' Perception towards Green Cosmetic Products: A Study in and around Kolkata, India

Academic journal article IUP Journal of Marketing Management

Influence of Demographic Factors on Non-Users' Perception towards Green Cosmetic Products: A Study in and around Kolkata, India

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Since the last decade, people have become more concerned about their health, as a result of which, they are using more of green products. Green products are those that have less of an impact on the environment and are less damaging to human health than the traditional products. Hence, they are also called sustainable or environment-friendly products. Green products are made of recycled components, manufactured in a more energy-conservative way, or supplied to the market in more environment-friendly way. Since people are becoming environmentally conscious, the usage of traditional or conventional products is getting reduced. Traditional products are those manufactured in the traditional way; they are not produced keeping environmental considerations in mind. In today's competitive scenario, green products are competing with the conventional or regular products (products produced by traditional methods). But, the usage of these products is not applicable to all the segments of the society: Knowledge and awareness about the green products play a vital role in enabling the customers to use them. But this awareness and knowledge do not exist, thus restricting the usage of the green products. Since the last decade, we have started using the green products and it will take time before it makes an impact on all the segments of the society.

The concept of green product is becoming more popular with respect to the cosmetic items. Since people are becoming more health-conscious, they are giving more importance to the consumable products. People started using more green cosmetic products to minimize their health risk. But here too, like other green products, knowledge and awareness are lacking across the society: So, these are being used by the more educated sections of the society: Also, organizations and the government are unable to promote the concept of "Green". However, the concept is catching up fast across the society If all the factors which contribute to the popularity of green products, such as price of the product, its quality, perception about the products, awareness about them, are handled carefully by the government and the organizations, these products will become more popular in the society:

There are various factors which positively as well as negatively influence the popularity of green cosmetic products. In this context, it is important to examine the various demographic factors which influence the perceptional factors for green products, specifically in the cosmetic sector in and around Kolkata in West Bengal, India. The various demographic variables, such as, age, gender, education, occupation, income and number of members in the household, are selected after a thorough literature review. Although the respondents considered in this paper are non-users of green cosmetic products, they are aware of and have knowledge about green cosmetic products. The responses were captured on the basis of "Had the respondents been users of green cosmetic products, what would have been their responses". This paper aims to provide a snapshot on the perceptional impact of the above-mentioned demographic variables on the preference for green cosmetic products with respect to the non-users of the products.

Literature Review

In this paper, we intend to examine the impact of individual attributes of customers towards marketing of green products. In the Indian context, green products are still consumed by a very small subset of customers and the consumption is largely dependent on individual attributes, i.e. demographic and psychographic characteristics (Harper, 2002; and Ahmed, 2010). The impact of these characteristics is more evident for green cosmetic product segment (Davies, 1995; and Lea and Worsley, 2005). In the following section, we summarize the findings of published literature on these issues.

The demographic variables are related to the basic characteristics of a person such as age, gender, income, etc. …

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