Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Health Improvement of Cadets from Higher Military Educational Institutions during Kettlebell Lifting Activities

Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Health Improvement of Cadets from Higher Military Educational Institutions during Kettlebell Lifting Activities

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Health is one of the most vital human values. Strong constitution and high resistance to unfavourable factors of the environment are one of the most important requirements for the active longevity, successful studying, productive professional activities, personal and domestic happiness. Only physically, mentally and psychically healthy person can convert his or her opportunities the most effectively and feels a contributing member of society [1, 8].

According to the number of scientists, health is the most essential factor of implementation of individual's life program which considerably defines the social tasks' materialization [4, 6]. According to World Organization of Health Care, health is defined as human condition, which is characterized not only by the absence of diseases or physical defects but also by total physical, mental and social well-being [2, 3]. According to M. M. Amosov's definition, a person can be considered healthy if he or she has harmonious physical and mental development and is well adapted to physical and social environment [1]. The other scientists tell that health is the amount of reserves in the organism, the maximum effectiveness of the organs during maintaining boundaries of functions [2, 8, 9]. Based on the above we can state that just a health person is able to implement his or her physical and mental abilities and achieve their social destiny.

In the current context there is critical situation about the people's health condition because of sharp increase of disease incidence, increased mortality, genetic defections, crime rate degradation, pupils' and students' physical fitness reduction, negative occurrences intensification in the political, international areas and many other factors in Ukraine. Modern development level of society considerably actualizes scientific problems connected with looking for the ways of youth's health preservation and improvement.

In H. L. Apanasenko's studies safe level of physical health is determined to exist (at the boundary between the third and the fourth levels - according to the express-method it is 12 points), above which there is practically no endogenous risk factors of chronic somatic diseases' developing, diseases by themselves and the mortality from them. The scientist notice that the share of population that is at the safe health zone has reduced from 8 to 1% for the last 20 years in Ukraine [2]. Physical activities have a great importance for the health improving and disease prevention. Physical training and sport must provide an excellent health level, high effectiveness of military men's labour and full continuum of recreative and rehabilitation actions. One of the simple and affordable ways of physical training in military area is the kettlebell lifting activities that can have a positive influence on physical health of future army officers during the studying at the HMEI and the future work.

Materials and methods

Four hundred seventy four cadets of Zhytomyr Military Institute named after S. P. Koroliov in their 1st5th year of study who studied according to the current system of physical training at the HMEI (group А, n=416) and cadets who attended a kettlebell lifting class during the study period (group B, n=58) took part in the investigation.

The examination of physical health was held according to the H. L. Apanasnko method which is based on the anthropometry characteristics (body height, body weight, vital capacity, handgrip test) and also state of the cardiovascular system. The health level was evaluated in points and provided estimation of the body mass index, the life index, the power index, Robinson's index and the heart rate recovery time to output level after dosed physical loading (20 squats per 30 seconds). According to the Apanasenko method the low health level corresponded to 3 and lesser points, below the average - 4-6 points, the average - 7-11 point, above the average - 12-15 points, the high health level - 16-18 points. …

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