Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Differentiated Physical Training within the Framework of a Yearly Training Cycle of Young Footballers Specialized on the Position of Goalkeeper

Academic journal article Journal of Physical Education and Sport

Differentiated Physical Training within the Framework of a Yearly Training Cycle of Young Footballers Specialized on the Position of Goalkeeper

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The actuality and the importance of the approached problem is that the activity related to football gear during the game depends largely on the level of special physical preparation, which is the base of technical and tactical training manifestation. The review of the literature in the field clearly highlights the fact that there are many game situations in the football game that require a corresponding physical training for the players on each field position. In the recent decades, during which continuous improvements in physical training were made, the development of the football game has reached a new conception stage of this sport, which means that the game is organized and conducted on the basis of certain well explained ideas and attitudes ever more specialized and always masterful. In modern football, we can observe a varied content of the different compartments of sports training (physical, technical, tactical, psychological), it includes unpredictable actions, which can lead to victory, even during the last seconds (Motroc, 1994; Cojocaru, 2002; Sîrghi, 2010).

The current training system divides the yearly training process in preparation period, competitive and transition, each one has specific targets related to the development of special physical training indices. It should be noted that the development of basic motor skills like speed, speed under resistance, force in the condition of speed derive irregular, because the means and methods used by coaches are chosen according to the targets of sports training periods. In this context, the authors (Cojocaru, 2000; Γоломазов & Чирва, 2002) consider that the implementation of tasks, different means and methods has a different impact on increasing the level of physical training, and first of all of the special one. That's why the research of the development of special physical training indices dynamics during an annual cycle of the training process of goalkeepers is an actual problem. Until now, most research in football (Mănescu, 2008; Sîrghi & Ciobanu, 2009) was directed towards the study of issue of general physical training of football players of different ages and it was less focused on special physical training of goalkeepers. This requires an appropriate planning and driving training, which would allow them, regardless of the position in the game, to face the situations on the field.

We consider that one of the characteristics of this problem is special physical training and technical training in different periods. From the content of the studied materials (Melenco, 2007), during the preparatory period, the differentiation of players on position in the game is especially evident in the terms of physical preparation. The individualization of players can be useful for specialization their field position in the game, but this cannot be achieved through common training. All these moments indicate the fact, that the football players on the attack line meet an irregular effort (Adam & Trevor, 2002).

The goalkeepers act in a steady condition requiring from them a higher level of general resistance development. In this context the special physical training of football players on different game positions must be planned and implemented in accordance with their specialization that is according to the player's field position in the game. However, in the scientific-methodical literature, the problem of training individualization of footballers depending on their game positions is not enough related.

Namely, it has become the reason that we approached the problem of differentiated special physical training of junior goalkeepers in a yearly training cycle, describing in detail the characteristics of morphofunctional and psychological aspects of this period.

Method and material

The purpose of research is to optimize the structure and the content of the physical training for the 13-14 yearold junior football players, based on differentiated exercise training of goalkeepers in a yearly training cycle. …

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