Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal


Academic journal article Pennsylvania Literary Journal


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We bandy about the term as if

we know what we're talking about.

We don't. Nobody does.

Freud said the unconscious mind

is structured like jokes; Jung said

like alchemic transformations.

I say it's structured like chaos, what

the early Americans called "howling wilderness."

Probe that dream you had of driving

along a steep cliff during a mudslide.

Are they endemic to the mind or

to the universe? Did the Ice Man

harken to the moon as I did the other night?

I like to think both, but it makes no difference

since we sift the universe through

our very neurons and can't probe it

any other way-that outer extremity.

Jung says one thing, Eliade another

though I like Jung: "there is good reason

for supposing that the archetypes are the

unconscious images of the instincts themselves,

in other words, that they are patterns

of instinctual behaviour. …

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