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Two Gods in Aspic

Academic journal article Field

Two Gods in Aspic

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There are these two gods, Lefty and Sangria.

They've been at it for years, and now it's early summer

or late spring, herbs already starting to poke through,

trees suddenly everywhere. I'm still not sure precisely

the complaint they have against each other.

Something to do with 8th grade recess or just that to say

there are two gods means they must be in opposition.

And the movie plays in the background

where the starlet is saying "what's to become of me"

and I remember that years after I die, after I decompose,

there will be this small, M inch titanium post lying there

from some dental work I had a few years ago.

It was an upper first premolar (I just looked it up

on a Teeth in Humans chart), and the dentist-oral surgeon

-drills a little too far, going into my nasal cavity.

I laughed at the time, because I couldn't feel anything

but the whiff of air in my nose. I left with a prescription

for antibiotics and antihistamine. …

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