Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

The Perspective on Nature of Women Rights Violations in Pakistan

Academic journal article International Research Journal of Arts and Humanities

The Perspective on Nature of Women Rights Violations in Pakistan

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Women have been symbolized as commodity for male members in tribal structure. Women are considered Zar (wealth) which is possessed by men. There are terms like Zar (wealth), Zamin (land) and Zan (woman) which actually portray and reflect how we treat our women. Women face all sorts of sacrifices when revenges / enmities are settled. (Mehdi, 2000)

Women are highly persecuted in Pakistan in all terms, conditions and social perspectives. This study engages to explore the reasons behind women-related human rights violations in Pakistan. Women are intentionally kept backward and harassed in their routine-life activities. Women in Pakistan have been intentionally kept backward and are left unaware about the laws which can provide them justice, relief and protection (Shaeed, 1997:54).Women are isolated socially and have barely any substantial knowledge of Islam. Women lives and fates are controlled, compelled and subjugated generally in Pakistan. Society, law, culture and agriculture milieu have imprisoned women. Women have been uplifted in their social status by early traditions and Quranic assertions. However, women in Pakistani society are in great chains and fetters. Misinterpretation of Islam has lowered women status to personal property. Women are enslaved, given no inheritance and are ignored in terms of their rights. The jumble of Islamic, customary and statutory laws has compounded the complex of Women rights in Pakistan. The Criminal Justice System has practically played no role in empowering women to get fruits of her women rights.

Women are conceived as property and treated miserably impacting their role in social, economic and political terms. Women are highly ill-treated and subjected to worst forms of violence. Women homicide is considered suicide in many cases due to pathology of social attitudes regarding women. The criminal justice administration ignores all issues of women rights abuses. Women can get no relief because their fate is decided by male-dominated social members (Yasmeen Hassan, 1995).

The concept of women's rights

As rights applied to provide equity all human beings on the basis of law and state for survival strategy in a human society.

However, women's rights stand for imparting and improving a status to women through the set of the practice and movement in a civil society. It smoothly states that women as human being having rights in a human society. Women rights defined as the frame work for developing concrete strategies in lieu of change in respective lives in spite of degradation, violence and marginality. Moreover, United Nations Decade for Women (1976-1985), being associated with the different racial, religious, geographical , cultural, and class backgrounds resorted to develop the organization for improving took up organizing to improve the status of women in a civil society. Hence fort, the rights for women all over the universe being related with creation of collaborative strategies as to protect and promote the basic rights of women in human society as per requirement of facilitation to make equal life like others for survival strategies. However, the rights of women push women to acquire bitter experience for their rights as or changes in the walks of life so as to sustain a fruitful life. Women's rights indicate that equality be provision to women like men in a society and fully all rights for women be promoted and protected in their surroundings on basis of the same pleasant and work as well enjoyment. In 1945, the Charter of the United Nations (UN Charter) narrated that rights for all should be based on equality without human discrimination in a civil society. Meanwhile the international rights for women stated that women and men must be equally enjoy the human rights without any difference and bias gender in a civil society. Besides to this , women supposed as the protective approach and treated the differences as compared to men in society , furthermore , women kept like property and rearing children, watching homes , looking after the whole family and others, given status of mother, wife and sister in a society, even assigned other tasks like domesticity , housewife, servant of homes, family worker, labour work jobs. …

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