Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly


Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly


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i wanted to say oh wow you spoiled boy with the fanciest bike and the easiest life and the perfect lover well good for you you spoiled piece of shit but

then i didn't want to bring such hatred into the world and then i wanted to say well what is fairness? is it fair my grandma hands me a hundred dollar bill with a

blue vibrating ribbon when i come to visit is it fair my mother and father and stepfather and my brother and now me own houses is it fair is anything fair? if i

could get the world and just sweep it offthe table start from scratch instead the feminist who likes being naked is too busy hating her body but it is nothing

really it is fruit offa tree in fall it is my mouth opening over the vowels it is my brother brushing his teeth it is the beaver risking death to leave the den in

winter. look at my transgressive belly rising from the bed as i breathe look at the extra ten pounds as what stops you from getting the man of your dreams or

look how you think the man of your dreams will know to never buy you slave trade supermarket flowers you'll be happily ever after you don't want to get

married history of ownership money and regulation of relationships but you want the house you go to for solace and safety. …

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