Academic journal article Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

Assessing the Level of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction at Emtel Ltd

Academic journal article Academy of Marketing Studies Journal

Assessing the Level of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction at Emtel Ltd

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The world economy is being headed by the Telecommunications sector and the most important factor for creating worth for the consumers and the public as a whole is excellence (OECD, 2007). The telecommunications sector is highly competitive and Emtel is one of the key players in the market. It is important to assess service quality so as to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The SERVQUAL framework helps to evaluate any failures and respond to the failures by taking appropriate actions. Cronin, Brady & Hult, (2000) examined the relationships between service quality, perceived value, perceived sacrifice, satisfaction, and behavioural intention. Emtel turned out to be the first cellular operator in the Southern Hemisphere in 29 May 1989. The history of the Mauritian telecommunications began with the support of the Millicom International Cellular (MIC) and Currimjee Jeewanjee Group, which is one of the chief companies in the island. Emtel LTD has overall 18 stores across the island and 1 store in Rodrigues. The aim of the research is to assess how far there are any gaps based on the actual versus the perceived expectations of customers. A sample of 216 customers of EMTEL was used for the purpose of this study.


The present research seeks to assess the service quality in the telecommunications sector which has become highly liberalized and competitive. Some press articles make mention of certain problems being faced by customers linked to customer service and internet connectivity. However, there is no prior research carried out to look at the failures based on the SERVQUAL framework developed by Parasuraman, Berry & Zeithaml (1985). Consequently, the research may be highly instrumental for overall quality improvement and customer satisfaction.


The main purpose for carrying out this research is to measure the level of service quality of Emtel Ltd and also to suggest improvements on the service delivery. The precise objectives are shown below:

1. To examine the customer's expectations and perceptions to service quality dimensions.

2. To study the outcome of the service quality dimensions to see which dimension is more effective.

3. To evaluate customer satisfaction level with the actual service being offered by Emtel LTD.

4. To measure the current level of customer satisfaction this is derived from the SERVQUAL framework.


Service Quality

Service is the leading reason for marketing (Vargo and Lusch, 2012). It has been publicised in a review of service marketing literature that the service quality concept has been examined through a significant amount of research (Fisk, Brown & Bitner, 1993). Parasuraman, Berry & Zeithaml (1985 & 1988) correspondingly referred that service quality is connected to the concepts of perceptions and expectations. The evaluation that consumers make between their expectations and perceptions is defined as service quality (Grönroos, 2007). Brown (2013) discovered that even though quality can be defined in various manners, it is usually described as the meeting or exceeding of customer expectations, and it is compound by six principles:

"Continuous improvement, empowerment, teamwork, data usage for decision making, problem solving and at last customer satisfaction. "

Importance of Service Quality

Service quality is a vital tool that can help a firm to combat to stand out from competition (Ladhari, 2008). Chumpitaz and Paparoidamis (2004) discovered that marketing performance is positively affected by service quality. No matter how good the marketing strategies are, if the service is not good, sales will not increase. That is why service quality has to be carefully managed all the time. Furthermore, Literature sustains that service quality has a straight influence on cultivating business performance and is related to growth of market share (Teck-Hong and Yong-Kean, 2012). …

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