Academic journal article Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal

Relationship between Attitudes and Intentions for Business Start-Up: A Case of Omani University & College Students

Academic journal article Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal

Relationship between Attitudes and Intentions for Business Start-Up: A Case of Omani University & College Students

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Economic growth and employment opportunities are enhanced as a result of enterprise and entrepreneurship. Every country has entrepreneurs to a greater or lesser extent and is capable of starting and bearing the uncertainty of market dynamics (Teece, 2014). Entrepreneurship in different areas and industries open windows to young educated people including university students and graduates. However, old fashioned attitudes and limited contact with the finance providers are considered as the main barrier for access to credit and obtaining capital investment. As compared to the adults, young people have more potential towards entrepreneurial activity. The rate of life satisfaction is higher among self-employed people (Schoof, 2006).

Entrepreneurship is an essential factor of the national economy, which can increase and create opportunities of employment and improve economic development. Employees are the primary requirement for the need of an enterprise to grow and compete in the market; therefore, it would not be preferred by everyone to become self-employed. Some may definitely make a difference and contribute to provide the needed job opportunities. The students' entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions were investigated by Bakheet & Varghese (2013) in 5 Omani universities, which covered the areas of access to credit, fear of failure, risk and exposure. Observing the significance of young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship to the nation's economy, the study aimed to examine the Omani youth's perception regarding particular factors that impact the entrepreneurial attitudes, which influence the start-up intentions.

In order to enrich the entrepreneurial culture in Oman, many programs have been developed and promoted in the government as well as the private sector. At this stage, it is essential to understand how the country is developing and maintaining entrepreneurial culture and also to know whether entrepreneurial culture is developing suitable attitudes among the youth. It is also necessary and helpful for making some enterprise policies, which may assist in enhancing entrepreneurial activity in the country. If authorities have a clear picture about the perception and attitude of younger generations in Oman towards entrepreneurship, it will be feasible to promote and implement strategies accordingly. The study has provided appropriate and accurate understanding and assisted in expressing the correct policies to introduce and promote entrepreneurship culture in Oman.

Problem Statement

Entrepreneurship helps young individuals to overcome the issue of unemployment by developing their own career. It has been promoted on the basis of availability of private property rights, ease of doing business and competitive market system. The reasons for starting up a new business by individuals have been investigated by many researches. Moreover, research has been conducted to evaluate the characteristics required for the establishment of new business. However, it is important to investigate the attitudes of young individuals towards the establishment of new business.

Aim of the Study

The study has focused on the attitude of university students towards entrepreneurship in Oman. The study has also measured the perceptions of young individuals towards various business opportunities, the motives behind them and barriers that are being faced by them. The intention of starting a new business is a real desire, rather than a feeling, a wish or an interest. Therefore, the study has analysed the association between perception of business opportunities and attitudes in Oman among students towards entrepreneurship. The results have significantly shown the association between entrepreneurial attitude and perceptions of students regarding different business opportunities.


The origin of entrepreneurship and its contribution towards a country's economy has been explained by Amma & Fahad (2013). …

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