Academic journal article Transnational Literature


Academic journal article Transnational Literature


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Light is throwing its immense feather

between the church tower and the shop of coffins

where I stood yesterday

and waited for someone to take me to the mountains

and I didn't see the vehicles with their monotonous

pulse that lulled us to sleep for years on end.

Daylight is beckoning my footsteps

like a friend whistling under the window

to climb those distant stairways.

The light wind drowned our white papers.

Blue ink melted in the swimming pool

and kohl-coloured evening covered what we'd written

and we opened the top buttons of our shirts,

lightweight sails that make nothing move.

At daybreak, on the remains of a floating poem,

we saw a crimson dragonfly landing

like a sole surviving word.

Golan Haji

translated by the author and Stephen Watts

Under Spring Skies

I glimpse the black scissor of a swallow

veering through a high ball of mosquitoes,

but snow is not woken from its cloud slumber

by such slight shrilling

and water does not recall its silver swords. …

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