Academic journal article Transnational Literature

Paris to Flamingo

Academic journal article Transnational Literature

Paris to Flamingo

Article excerpt

- "So let me confess at the outset to my preference for the real fakery of Las Vegas ..."·

framed like this we inch ahead creaking

cupboards & selves. you wear sunglasses

& i stare deep into the eyes of whipped cream

Abercrombie & Fitch & stuffed

vitamin display the child stars

the convenience stores, Walgreens, CVS's

the folded arms & tunnel-vision gaze of strongmen

the contorted beckoning of child-women

(the trucks of girls girls girls)

the Montgolfier Balloon: a lone castanet

or snazzy pyjama-striped doorknob teetering

over the Arc de Triomphe

& La Fontaine de Mers (girls girls girls

holding fish) the Eiffel corporate duck

the background ph, an angel trumpeting

the black beehives of traffic lights

& bare asses of Bally's, yeah girls girls

(& we've only just started) remembering

the man who lost his feet, his Bally's dream

in that end of the world hotel the point

which was not to win of course but to keep going

the eye struggle of a Vasarely† the overwhelm

that brings underwhelm (as strategic, as reaction

as put-on as nonchalance) the objects

clear from here not there phantasmagorias

of FOMO & the boredom inherent in quote exciting

things present/past/future demolition

derbies, planned obsolescence

& dust pollution hiding

in the collisions of indigo yellow & harlequin

green through which our autoscape edges

a contest of tides, reencountering

the who's pretending to be who's/whose

with each nudge, watching the watchers watching

(Jimbo abandoned for your friend's convertible

leather seats! …

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