Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

The Effect of Motivation and Job Performance on Library Personnel Effectiveness in University Libraries in Nigeria

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

The Effect of Motivation and Job Performance on Library Personnel Effectiveness in University Libraries in Nigeria

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Motivation is a process that elicits, controls, and sustains certain behaviors. Motivation is a phenomenon which affects the nature of an individual's behavior, the strength of the behavior, and the persistence of the behavior (Rani and Lenka) 2012. Motivation is internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested in and committed to a job, role, or subject, and to exert persistent effort in attaining a goal (Onyeukwu and Ekere) 2018.

In university libraries, university librarians are faced with the problem of how to motivate library personnel. Kolawole, Abolaji and Olagoke (2015) defined motivation as an incentive given by the employer to employees to enable them perform their jobs creditably, while Strough, Bruine de Bruin and Peters (2015) referred to motivation as the willingness to engage with a decision, including considering the presented information, deliberating about the options, and selecting the option that is most likely to lead to preferred outcomes.

The concept of the effect of motivation in the university libraries is of prime importance. This is simply because achieving socio-economic development and making impact in the learning ability of the students within the country cannot be overlooked (Ugah, 2008).

The type and quality of motivation given to library personnel, affect their job performance positively or negatively ( Idiegbeyan-Ose and Idahosa, 2011). The greatest asset of any university library whether federal government, state government or private owned is the human capital .This is so because the functionality of other aspect of the resources, finance and material, depends on the human capital (Szalma,2014).

Effective library personnel motivation has long been one of university's librarian most difficult and important duty (Iwu, 2011) . Success in this endeavor is becoming more challenging in the light of pressure to increase productivity and effective service delivery (Salaam Alawiye and Okunlaya, 2013).

University libraries can easily achieve its objectives when the library personnel are effectively motivated. When motivation is not done in a library, it might be difficult to achieve the stated objectives of the university (Odeku and Odeku, 2014).

No University library can be higher in quality than the level of motivation and job performance of the personnel within the system (Tella and Popoola.2007). In terms of job context, job content and reward system for library personnel, there is a kind of systematic motivation inadequacy within the Nigerian university library system (Obajemu Dekpen, .and Ojo 2012). Reward systems in terms of salaries and emoluments appear unsatisfactory. Improvements in recent years are not deep enough to record satisfactory improvement in library personnel morale (Odunlade, 2012).

According to Safiullah, (2015) motivation is an index of inner feeling in a certain way to the need of the individual that jobs must be designed to further employee's performance and fulfillment. Fajana (2002) added that motivation is of two kinds namely, positive motivation and negative motivation.

* Positive Motivation is seen when people behave according to what is expected by the society.

* Negative Motivation is doing wrong things which are kicked against by the society.

In addition, there are motivating factors that will lead to library personnel' satisfaction and increased motivation. Examples are achievement, recognition, advancement and work it.

The success of any university library depends on the effectiveness of employee's job performance which to a large extent depends on the level of skill acquisition, experience and motivation among other factors.


The most difficult problem faced by most university librarians is the impact of Motivation and job performance as a tool to enhance library personnel effectiveness in discharge of their duties (Gagne, 2014). …

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