Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Perceptions and Expectations of Public Library Users in Lucknow (India): A Study

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Perceptions and Expectations of Public Library Users in Lucknow (India): A Study

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In 19th century the term "public library" was first used in England. Books are the form of practical communication of our thoughts put on paper. They abolish a sense of ignorance within our mind by creating store of knowledge. But as the public growth and time passed these requirements of knowledge become very huge. Thus, the concept of public library came-in. All libraries (public, academic & special) need to expand procedure according to their goals, service priorities, resource allocation etc. For these procedures to be efficiently developed and implemented regular gathering and analysis of performance data is necessary (Steward, 1997).

The public libraries were reorganized in 1960s over from the Ottoman Empire, "Public library was defined as a terms, the Library General Directorate was established under the Ministry of Foundations." The public libraries are considered as public service institutions, working under the Ministry of culture and Tourism's General Directorate of libraries. They are mostly recognized and funded by the central government. The city's private offices also provide some financial support to the libraries. There are no authorized obstacles preventing the municipalities from establishing libraries, but limited administrations have been quite loose in this matter. In 21st century, the municipalities started taking more initiative on this issue and began organizing more public library services.

According to the latest draft bill (Kamu, 2003), city public libraries will remain under the administration of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, while town public libraries will be transferred to the limited administrations. The limited administrations are extremely influenced by current policy in Lucknow, and if the libraries are transferred to the limited authorities without laying the required authorized base work, they may turn into supporting libraries. For different purposes the buildings and staff may be used, and according to political ideologies, the collections may be reshaped.


There are number of studies have been carried out on perception and expectation of users in different public library situations. Most of the cases, the concept of perception and expectation forms part of research papers on service quality in libraries and information centre.

(Namugera, 2014) A study on Users' awareness, perceptions and usage of Makerere library services in the main and selected branch libraries. The study shows that the public library users having lack of knowledge of the services their public libraries provide is a growing concern in public librarianship. This has been caused by poor communication and inadequate interaction between users and the public library, coupled with the library's failure to apply marketing strategies to promote into service. (Nikam, 2014) A study on Perceptions of Young adults users towards public library services. The main aim of this paper was to young adults visit the public library, their facilities, their staff and their services. This study adopted a survey method and the data collecting tools by the statistical techniques. This paper was around the young adult users towards public library. The study findings that young adults users want to improve the essential infrastructure facilities like separate rooms for users, pure drinking water, clean toilet facility, proper seating facility etc in the public library (Ranganathan, 2012) A study on Perception and Expectation of the Users of Bharathidasan University Library: A Study. The Bharathidasan University Library located at Trichirappalli. The study shows that the perceptions of the library users towards the facilities and services offered are presented in an objective way. The study findings that majority of the users are male. They find the library ambience homely and tidy. In this library location the quality of the book collection is very good. Google is the most preferred search engine of users of the Bharathidasan University library for literate search. …

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