Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Mapping the Citation Flow of New York Times Newspaper Indexed in Web of Science

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Mapping the Citation Flow of New York Times Newspaper Indexed in Web of Science

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Information is generated by human through intellectual creativity based on experiments, empirical research, observations, interaction, imagination and experiences. Since time immemorial this information are recorded, organized, classified and preserved in different formats for used in the future purposefully. All forms of information can be articulated only through a system of communication, such systems range from human speech and gesture, print format to sophisticated digital technology (Feather and Struges, 2003). Among these systems of communication, print format probably remains the most common format for the communication of information throughout the world. Moreover, the advent of internet is a boon for the information society for information communication and access to information in a very short span of time across the globe. Newspaper is one primary sources for information communication. It has being playing a vital role in the communication process of scientific research findings and publications in the world. Fanelli (2013) also pointed out that, scientists across the world access to news sources or mass media like everyone else, which suggests that the scientific impact of a research will be boosted by coverage in newspapers and other media etc.

Many scientific research activities and findings on various disciplines are published daily in the newspapers across the globe. Newspapers are classified into different category such as General daily newspapers and Business & Finance newspapers. Among the leading newspapers in the world, The New York Times (USA) is one such English-language international daily newspaper which was started in the year 1851 owned by "The New York Time Company" (USA). The digital production started before 1980, but only began preserving the digital content in the year 1980. The New York Times newspaper has an average daily circulation of 571,500 (New York Times, 2018). The New York Times has been playing a major role in dissemination of various information in different parts of the world. Thus, as analysis of the flow of the New York Times newspaper information is vital to find out its relevance in scholarly publications.

2.Literature Review

Citation analysis is commonly used bibliometrics method to measure the growth of particular subjects or discipline. Citation analysis is generally carried out (a) to find out the no. of citations received by particular subject or discipline (b) to find out the literature (documents type) used as citation in scholarly publications. Citation analysis is used to find pattern of networking among scientific papers (Gupta, 1977). The underlying principle of citation analysis is that, the significance of scientific paper can be measured by counting the citations received by the particular research paper (Schoonbaert & Roelants, 1996). Bauer & Backkalbasi (2005) too stated that citation analysis is the analysis of data derived from references cited in references or bibliographies of scholarly publications. It is an important tool used to trace scholarly research in specific discipline. Many earlier studies was carried out by Kumar, Ansari & Jayaswal (1988); Ardanuy, Urbana & Quintana (2009); Hussain & Fatima (2011); Vimala & Dominic (2012); Dambawinna (2014); Ezema & Asogwa (2014); Verma, Sonker & Gupta (2016); Bapte (2017) and Hussian (2017) on the citation patterns in Journals and found that newspaper are cited with minimum of 0.11% to maximum of 10.0% citations in journals.

Similarly, Chandel, Binwal & Saraf (1988); Madkey & Rajyalakshmi (1994); Meera & Rajyalakshmi (1997); Chikate & Patil (2008); Keat & Kaur (2008); Singh & Bebi (2013); Singh and Bebi (2014); Iroaganachi, Itsekor & Osinuhu (2014); Kagra & Sharma (2014); Mahajan & Kumar (2016); Mahajan & Kumar (2016); Mahajan & Kumar (2017); Osman, Alemna & Kumah (2018) studied citation patterns in dissertations and theses and found that newspaper are cited with minimum of 0. …

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