Academic journal article Antipodes

Timeshare in Coolangatta

Academic journal article Antipodes

Timeshare in Coolangatta

Article excerpt

It just worked out like this. I was up for a few days,

they had a week booked.

The alarum I raised twenty-something years ago

is all forgot.

Smoothed, like the incoming tide smoothes

the traffic of the sand

twice a day. And the ebbing tide forgets

all over again.

You can't sell a timeshare once you have bought it.

It is yours, while you live, with dues.

They took me round town and they showed me

their best toys.

No, I am not sad.

These are their best toys.

The jingle bells rock of the pokie room,

with a chardonnay sweating on the side,

is a mother and daughter


They are filling me in on how

the fun works.

They are gazing at me, eloquently,

as if they are hoping I will fall.

(I will never fall.

You can count on this.)

Of course I am sad, as the guardians

of the room strut and fret,

dressed in the authority that is brief,

small inducements in their fief. …

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