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The Effect of Plyometric Exercise Using Continual, Interval, and Muscle Power Methods towards Push Kick Frequency on Muaythai Altheles in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara

Academic journal article Researchers World

The Effect of Plyometric Exercise Using Continual, Interval, and Muscle Power Methods towards Push Kick Frequency on Muaythai Altheles in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara

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The process of fostering and developing sports achievements certainly requires athletes who have high potential. To get outstanding athletes, Sports development in Indonesia should always be increased along with the application of various developments in science and knowledge in the major of sports, (Mutohir & Maksum, 2007).

Guidance and training for early childhood and adolescents, both students at the elementary, junior high and high school levels. Early childhood and students as the right Human Resources (HR) to be targeted for the forerunner to the emergence of outstanding athletes in the future. (Tangkudung, 2012) also expressed this as an expert on sports development in Indonesia, stating that students have great potential if their abilities are developed in a higher direction, especially in sports achievement. Monitoring of potential students in sports is closely related to the search for talented athletes so that monitoring needs to be carried out regularly and continuously

This opinion is the rationale for seeing how much potential Pengcab Muaythai in of Mataram in fostering athletes who have considerable potential, especially in sports development in adolescence; this creates a huge opportunity for students who have sports achievements when fostered regularly and continuously.

Achievements in the national arena in each championship followed by athletes of NTB always won medals. But the results obtained sometimes increase or decrease from the previous championship. As in National Championship Muaythai, which was held in Senggigi, West Lombok, NTB in 2015, won the overall championship with 5 gold medals, and at the PON XIX exhibition in West Java in 2016, NTB was only able to achieve 1 gold, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes.

The ups and downs of the achievement, is the responsibility of the Muaythai sports coach and coach in West Nusa Tenggara. Because the competition will become tighter after this sport held an exhibition on PON XIX in West Java last 2016. The challenge is how to foster athletes so that the highest achievement of championship can be achieved, so that a good and correct training program is needed to see how to increase the power of kick so that athletes have better and harder attack power. A sportsman's achievement is an accumulation of physical quality, technique, tactics, and psychological maturity. To achieve high achievement, it is necessary to prepare a plan with the right objectives, including physical preparation, technique, tactics and psychology. This is in accordance with the opinion (Sukadiyanto, 2011) that to achieve the achievements of the training there are four aspects that need attention: (1) physical exercise, (2) technical training, (3) tactics training, and (4) mental training. The four aspects have a position that is equally important, although each aspect has a different percentage according to the conditions and level of ability of each individual. These aspects are arranged hierarchically, so that physical aspects are one of the important aspects that must be considered first.

The definition of physical ability in sports is the biomotor ability fitness component needed by athletes according to their sport and role. Physical exercise in its implementation is more focused on the process of fostering the athlete's physical condition as a whole and is one of the main and most important factors that must be considered as an element needed in the training process in order to achieve the highest achievement (Hidayat, 2014). Physical is the foundation of the building of achievement, because technique, tactics, and psychology can be well developed if the athlete has good physical quality, (Ambarukmi, 2007). Regular and continuous physical training can make a big contribution to improving the ability to develop techniques in matches. This is in accordance with what was stated by (Mylsidayu & Kurniawan, 2015) that exercise is a process of change in a better direction, namely to improve physical quality, functional abilities of the body's equipment and the psychological quality of the child's training. …

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