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Academic journal article Field


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another being jumps into your lap

and purrs, and its eyes show how far

it is between question and answer, and

between two conscious beings, cat and

philologist, while the soft fur shows

how the distance is traveled in a flash


today I wrote nothing,

I wrote, and that was true,

until it happened; life cannot

be described by one still living

and afterwards it's a little too late

(a problem of biography)

the frost is biting, and likewise

the longing, its teeth are long

and sharp, my skin is thin,

a cat jumps up and scratches

a bloody strip of love from

the palm of my hand: the night's writ

if someone dies of rage after having met the state,

heard its laughter, seen its face under appropriate

head covering, and if someone then chooses to

express oneself by bursting into a conflagration

of genuinely flaming anger, a kind of metaphor

performed with literal precision, if someone acts

this way and departs the world in such a manner,

then the fire sputters on as a condition of rage with

many bearers, who in turn will go and meet the state,

now with death in their hand, to return the torch

(to where it came from)

the snow black from grease and enterprise, people lifeless

and ready to be picked up from the sidewalk, a sight for

worn-out gods, who long ago grew aged and terribly

seedy, that's what the world is like now, in a corresponding

condition, what you find yourself resembling is

yourself, until you start to resemble something else

(ecce homo et mundus)

morning air, a certain cheerfulness

from the bushes, reality is the possible,

which includes drowsy and still happy

animals and people, moved by the light

and the smell of life and what follows

from it: something, already quite a lot

the cat jumps up on the table and says:

it's now, well it's always now, isn't it,

I suggest, no explains the fine philosopher,

it's only now now, because I require you

to pet me and feed me according to my

body's imperative clock without reference

to yesterday or tomorrow or other absurdities,

which you must have picked up in school,

not life, for here the law of death applies:

love now, there is at all a chance to do so

(carpe diem)

the notion of moving in step while resigning everything

is inescapable no matter how much you cower and spit

the ice is melting, and I saw a red bird,

so today I'll only use very few negations

tomorrow I won't use any metaphors either,

given how short and pictureless life is, it's best

to just show your passport and leave fingerprints,

this counts for identity, then everyone will be

happy, in fact delighted, so we open our arms

to each other, and guess what that entails,

great joy, despite literalness and despair

I call when you come

it gives me a feeling

of being complicit

I call for you over and over in my soundless soul

translated by Thom Satterlee

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