Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Publication Trends of Pakistan Heart Journal: A Bibliometric Study

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Publication Trends of Pakistan Heart Journal: A Bibliometric Study

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The termbibliometric was first coined by a library scientist named Pritchard in 1969 which means application of mathematical and statistical techniques to research documents to describe its characteristics. The term gained popularity in 1980 and scientists started using the term in their studies.

Sengupta1 defines the termbibliometricas"The organization, classification and quantitative evaluation of Publication pattern of all macro and micro communications, along with their authorships by mathematical and statistical calculations ."Polanco2 describes bibliometric study as a technique used for description, evaluation, and monitoring of published research. It describes a particular field, quantification as well as focus on research productivity by institution.Similarly, Broadus3 defineBibliometric study is the process of the quantitative study of physical published materials which includes articles, reports, and case studies.A bibliometric study means the number of published articles, authorship, geographical location, authorship pattern, institutions affiliation, ranking by the subject of the article, research groups or individual investigators and affiliations, as well as the number of citations received.

Due to an unprecedented growth in scientific research output during the last decade, Bibliometric studies gained great significance in research area by applying it on publications to find out various aspects of research output.18The bibliometric study of individual journals helps the librarians to make the right selection of journals for its libraries,19therefore, need arises to carry out bibliometic studies on individual journals to find out its publication traits.

Pakistan Heart Journal (PHJ) is one of the leading and international-repute peer-reviewed journals in the field of cardiology. PHJ is an open access journal and published by Pakistan Cardiac Society on quarterly basis for the last 4 decades. PHJ aims at promoting high quality research in the field of cardiology by publishing documents reviewed by internationally recognized experts. Pakistan Heart Journal publishesoriginal articles, review articles, case reports, editorials, special communicationsand short communicationsrelating to cardiovascular diseases. The Pakistan Heart Journal accepts the contribution of researchers from local community as well as abroad.

Literature Review:

Ullah,17 in theBibliometric analysis of journal of surgery, examinedauthors contributions, geographical affiliation, citations, and gender-wise contribution. In another study, Ullah16 analyzed Journal of collage of physician and surgeon Pakistan from 2010 -2014 and explored various bibliometric indicators. Swain5conducted the bibliometric study of Library Philosophy and Practice from 2004-2009 and analyzed productivity of various countries. Thanuskodi6made a bibliometric study of the Indian Journal of Chemistry to examine various trends of publication.Ashaet al7 conducted a study on Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics which showed that journal articles are the more cite documents. The contribution of foreign authors is more dominant as compared to local authors.Ahmed8also carried out a bibliometricsto evaluate documents in the field of health sciences.Ullahet al9conducted a bibliometrics on the Journal of the Ayub Medical College (JAMC) to find out publication and citation patterns. The study found that majority of authors contributed from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Jena10, in the bibliometric study of Indian Journal of Fiber and Textile Research 1996-2004, studied the various aspects of Publications.Bojo et al. Conducted a study on Spanish Journal of Chemotherapy. They studied that most of the articles were original and the work of autonomous regions Madrid and Valencia were in greatest Percentage.In another study, the authors explained bibliometrically study of Indian journal of plant physiology.12Ibrahim et al13made a study onbibliometric analysis of the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association and contents of the journal were analyzed geographically by dividing the country into seven different regions. …

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