Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

The Effective Use of Whatsapp Messenger among Library and Information Science Professionals in North East Region, India: A Study

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

The Effective Use of Whatsapp Messenger among Library and Information Science Professionals in North East Region, India: A Study

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The information culture has become the lifestyle of today's society. Every aspect of life makes use of and uses information. One technology that provides the easiest and fastest way to communicate and share information and reduce the communication gap between two individuals and two communities is mobile technology. Mobile technology offers the ease and speed in utilizing information especially for quick reference and conducting extensive research. Adopting mobile technology in the library will assist in performing better service by communicating with users openly and sharing information and knowledge in an easy way. Mobile technology becomes a means for libraries to communicate better, service and share information and knowledge with library users anytime and anywhere. Mobile technology has switched the libraries and now come up with "Libraries in hand/packet" trend. Library and Information science (LIS) professionals are in move to determine these devices are affecting information access /disseminate and ensure that they are communicating with library users and providing web content in the most appropriate and effective ways. LIS professionals must be prepared to take this challenge to increase the market and demand for mobile access to personalized facts and information anytime, anywhere on ones one's own handheld device. Since mobile handled devices are truly personal devices, search histories and physical locations can be harnessed to produce more accurate, individualized information and services. LIS professionals are expert for proficient in using these devices to enable users to access them anywhere from anyplace.

About WhatsApp Messenger Functionality

Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo founded WhatsApp Inc. The company is based in Mountain View, California and employs 55 people. In 2014 Facebook acquired and take over the process of WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp is a mobile application which enables texting service between mobile phones as a replacement for the regular SMS text messages, it is social application which enables users to send and receive real-time messages, images, video, audio and also location information to an individual or group of contacts using the internet connection at no cost. At present, WhatsApp is one of the common mobile applications that handle billions of messages per day; it is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. WhatsApp messenger is a mobile application which requires a mobile internet connection to function and both parties must have the proprietary software installed on their mobile phone. WhatsApp also provides additional social information to its users, e.g., contacts can see when their friends are online, when they are typing and when they last accessed the application. Finally, WhatsApp provides delivery notifications, highlighting when a message is sent and when it's delivered to the recipient's device. The app is available on its website and in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.

WhatsApp and Library and Information Centres

WhatsApp is a Social networks now fills the virtual world, but the survival of any social network and its continuation depends on its unique service which makes it better that other social networking competition through which you can earn a lot of users, such as the existence of the application of the social network on the smart phone and sharing service multimedia such as images, sound clips, videos, and service create different groups that combine multiple users agree on ideas and trends such as the establishment of social groups, political or economic, etc.

The WhatsApp messenger application provides technology enabled Library efforts to activate communication with the different users who use different modern communication means, to meet their immediate needs and desires. WhatsApp application will add new service which will enable users to communicate with the Library and LIS Professional wherever they are and whenever they want to make utilize the Library services; it will also enable to academic users to have a direct contact with the LIS professionals for asking any question and get an answer to it that helps them in performing scientific researches or doing the special woks related to the syllabus. …

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