Academic journal article Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

Fifty Years of Titles: A Personal Immersion into the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology Part 2: Focusing on Meditation and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Academic journal article Journal of Transpersonal Psychology

Fifty Years of Titles: A Personal Immersion into the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology Part 2: Focusing on Meditation and Transpersonal Psychotherapy

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Hello again! It is an early Sunday morning, the last day of September 2018. The sun has not yet risen. It is quiet and still.

For the second part1 of this personal immersion into fifty years of titles in The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, my primary aim is to tell the story of what emerged in the two largest categories of Journal entries: Meditation and Transpersonal Psychotherapy. The categories are related, actually, because across the decades, meditation has become increasingly more recognized as a valuable adjunct to psychotherapy.

I aim to continue telling the JTP story through chronological lists of articles in particular categories and commentary. I am smiling as I report that I have continued to immerse myself in these titles in different ways, some unanticipated. I spent many hours proofreading each listing and actually ended up typing the various lists about three times for various reasons and I did notice that each retyping brought me closer to the material. Big breath.

Rains played a big role in this article. I got much of the typing and writing done during Hurricanes Florence and Michael when I had long days at home. When I worked on the first article in this series, I was retreating for a week at Yogaville, a beautiful Yoga community in Virginia where the James River meets the Blue Ridge Mountains. I stayed a few days longer than I expected because of rainstorms and flash flood warnings, and during those extra days I typed the first lists of JTP articles for this essay.

The birds are singing outside my window.

Beginning Again with Gratitude and Tribute

We were fortunate to hear in the first issue of our 50th anniversary celebration from two of the four members of JTP's original editorial staffwho are still with us on this planet - Miles Vich and James Fadiman. I would like to begin this part of our continuing JTP story by honoring and thanking the other two original members of our editorial staffstill here - Michael Murphy and Stanislav Grof. I chose to begin with Michael Murphy simply because his first contribution appeared in JTP's first year.

Please enjoy perusing their immense contributions to The Journal and the world. Do remember that included in these lists are only articles published in JTP and each author has published volumes, including an array of books that can be found on their websites.

Michael Murphy's JTP Publications

Education for transcendence, 1969

Esalen Institute transformation project: A preliminary report, 1980

A bibliography of meditation theory and research: 1931-1983 (with Steven Donovan), 1983

Stanislav Grof's JTP Publications

Varieties of transpersonal experiences: Observations from LSD psychotherapy, 1972

Theoretical and empirical basis of transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy: Observations from LSD research, 1973

East and West: Ancient wisdom and modern science, 1983

Birthing the transpersonal (with Charles Grob, Gary Bravo & Roger Walsh), 2008

Reviewed by Kylea Taylor: Holotropic breathwork: A new approach to self exploration and therapy by Stanislav Grof & Christina Grof, 2011

Revisions and re-enchantment of psychology: Legacy of half a century of consciousness research, 2012

Reviewed by Valerie Beltrain: H.R. Giger and the zeitgeist of the twentieth century by Stanislav Grof, 2014

Reviewed by Renn Butler: Modern consciousness research and the understanding of art: Including the visionary world of H.R. Giger by Stanislav Grof, 2016

Next, it feels right to honor and thank three of our dedicated and most prolific elders who have contributed across decades: Charles Tart, David Lukoff, and Roger Walsh. I was not sure how to decide on the order of presentation of the work of these three pillars of the transpersonal movement. Finally, I wrote their names on pieces of paper, folded them, and had my husband pick. The result follows. Please enjoy reading through their substantial and varied contributions over the lifetime of The Journal. …

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