Academic journal article Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences

Impacting Management Capacity on Training Quality: A Case of Private Universities in Vietnam

Academic journal article Journal of Management Information and Decision Sciences

Impacting Management Capacity on Training Quality: A Case of Private Universities in Vietnam

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In the past years, Vietnam education and training has achieved results such as rapid development, diversification of types of universities and forms of training, providing society with a qualified and skilled labor force. Besides, Vietnam' education and training of the private universities had step by step satisfying the country's human resources. However, higher education is facing major challenges such as low quality of training, not meeting the needs of society in the industry 4.0. Therefore, the quality of Vietnamese human resources is much lower than other countries and has not met the social needs (Pham, 2017). The main reason is due to the quality of education at the private universities which are not guaranteed to work skills as required. Moreover, the quality of human resources in Vietnam has yet to meet the needs of society by many causes such as management capacity, science research, facilities, training programs, lecturers. This makes students after graduation; they do not have the required working skills (Teeroovengadum et al., 2016). The urgent issue for universities today, especially for private universities that are to improve the quality of training, to provide human resources to meet the requirements of economic integration. Moreover, the quality of current human resource training is influenced by many factors related to teachers, learners and organizers of teaching activities such as professional qualifications, pedagogical methods and mind blood of teachers; student capacity; facilities for training... Especially there is management capacity of managers at private universities (Al-Bashir, 2016).

Therefore, it is in order to improve the quality of training not only public universities but also private universities. We need to pay attention and distribute soon, equally developed for each of the above factors in the following directions. Moreover, the quality of training depends primarily on the quality of managers (Al-Bashir, 2016). The management capacity is the one who conveys knowledge, skills associating theory with reality. Each manager needs to improve his/her professional qualifications and knowledge in order to improve training quality at private the universities. Based on the analysis of the challenges, the researchers to find out the Impacting management capacity on training quality of private universities in Vietnam as a study. This study helps educational and training managers who apply the research results for improving training quality policy on the management of the private universities better in the future.


Management Capacity (MC)

Management capacity is the process of working through individuals, groups and other resources. Management capacity is managing challenges and assessments through achieving goals through organization and implementation of different skills. Managers must have certain knowledge of the system of educational laws, taxes in business, marketing, corporate finance, production lines, technology. This is a prerequisite because it is attached with the effectiveness of the decision-making process (Ali, 2017). Manager wants to become a talent manager; he/she needs the necessary skills (Ravasi & Schultz, 2006) following skills.

Leadership Skills (LS)

This is an indispensable skill of a manager. Good leaders are challenged through success in changing systems and people. The term "leadership" is being used more and more when it comes to the role of managers because the function of leadership is to handle change (Ashraf et al., 2009). Managers need to be good leaders to change products/services, systems and people dynamically. A good leader must be the one to push the process of deciding a problem and give it to their employees to decide the problem. If manager is a good leader, power will come to him/her, but manager must also exploit the power of others (Benoit & Graham, 2005). Manager must promote the decision process and make that process work. …

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