Academic journal article Chicago Review

Hey Lara

Academic journal article Chicago Review

Hey Lara

Article excerpt

after Gregory Porter's "Hey Laura"


Hey Lara, it's me.

Again. Broderick.

Again stannin' up outside.

Fool got flowers in he han',

some ole dutty wilting tings

he pick from 'long d'road.

Broderick! Go home na man!

No body doan waan you bout hay!

Move from m'place!!

If he doan heer-he gon feel!

My bruddas doan care bout Ernestine an' me

-she like a little brudah t'dem.

Can see she love me good-good,

care fuh muh, an' evryting-sweet me fuh tru.

Hey Lara! It's me!

Look e here! Broderick, down by d'water.

I washing d'Miss good clothes

and he come wid he foolishness-

'bout how he sorry he jus had to see me,

talk to me, got sumtin' to tell me. I lie

tell he I doan mine seeing he. Why I lie!?

God's truth-I feel sorry fuh de man.

Hey! Lara! Is me!

Broderick Knight! You hardears,

or ain't got nuh sense?! Ernie outside

talking t'he. Putting she self between me and he.

He eyes saufee-saufee pun me: Lara is me!

You know you love me woman! Hey Lara is me!

Hey Lara it's me, sorry but.... But? But what?!

Now he take to following me 'bout!

He ain't got nuh wuk t'go look fuh?!

G'long man lef bout hay!

Whad-de-hell I want wid you? …

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