Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Citation Analysis of Doctoral Theses of Physics: A Bibliometrics Study

Academic journal article Library Philosophy and Practice

Citation Analysis of Doctoral Theses of Physics: A Bibliometrics Study

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Body of knowledge in a particular field of discipline either grows or declines over a given course of time. Knowledge in a particular area consists of different constituting bodies such as books, periodicals, proceedings, lectures, web information, etc and these are correlated to each other by the mechanism of referencing, citation or footnotes (Donald R. Baker, 1990). The citations / references/ footnotes appended at the end of each research article or chapters of book/ thesis/ dissertation provide enormous amount of critical information instrumental for understanding diverse characteristics of a particular subject. Systematic study of citations / references/footnotes to distinguish quantitative aspects such as authorship pattern, subject relationships, impact, and research trends and to evaluate performance can be termed as Citation Analysis. Citations or references form part of the scholarly apparatus of primary communication. The spirit of the distinction is that citation in the primary literature specifically states an association between two documents, the citing and the cited, whereas citation in other listings does not usually entail any connection between documents other than that affected by the indexing technology (John Martyn, 1975). Citation analysis helps in identifying core journals and books in particular discipline which in turns helps the librarians to select resources for their libraries. As we all know that the cost of scholarly resources is increasing day by day and library's fund is shrinking so in this regard citation analysis provides a solution to tackle this issue.

Citation analysis is one of the most used methods in Bibliometrics which tries to ascertain relationships between authors or their work (Chikate, R.V. & Patil, S.K, 2008). In citation analysis "Citation" is the core around which the study revolves. Scholars for their theses and dissertations by default cite many documents for conducting their study. So, they are one of the best sources for collecting citation data. Thesis is essentially an example of primary sources as it presents first hand information in the form of primary research data. They are one of the most authentic and reliable constituents of universe of knowledge.

According to, Physics deals with the structure of matter and the interactions between the fundamental constituents of the observable universe. In the broadest sense, physics (from the Greek physikos) is concerned with all aspects of nature on both the macroscopic and submicroscopic levels. For the current study citation analysis of doctoral theses of Physics from Tripura University is selected as in Web of Science highest number of articles from Tripura University is indexed from Physics. Tripura University is one of the central universities. It is located in Tripura which is one of the eight north eastern states of India.

Review of Literature

(Kumar & Senthilkumar, 2018) assessed Bradford's law of scattering on research articles published in the field of Astronomy & Astrophysics by Indian scientist during 1988-2017 and Leimkuhler model was also tested to verify the data set. They failed to establish the consistency in scattering of literature due to high level concentration of articles in very few journals. (Kalita, 2017) examined the citations of the full research articles published in Nature journal from 2006 to 2015. Outgoing citations from Nature were circulated among Science, Proceedings of National Academy of Science (PNAS), Cell, Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC) and The Astrophysical journal (AstroPJ). USA and England were the top contributing countries. Japan and China are the only Asian countries to be featured in the in the top 15 countries list. (Tripathi & Sen, 2016) attempted to find out the applicability of Bradford law on crop science literature. The dataset comprised 10,100 papers indexed in Indian Science Abstracts and CAB Abstracts during the period 1965-2010 and this data set did not follow Bradford law even with Leimkuhler formulation. …

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