Academic journal article The Journal of Psychohistory


Academic journal article The Journal of Psychohistory


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Mothers and young children

Severed from each other at the border

By a remorseless force

Of agents, whose only job

Is to protect the country's

Vulnerable skin;

Suspected subversives,

Whisked by militia

In the bright of day,

Taken far away, never

To be heard from again;

Anxious men and women,

Asleep in their flats

(if they can sleep at all),

A loud thump at the door

At three o'clock in night's morning,

The secret police on the sweep

For imaginary traitors

Who face secret trials

And swift execution;

Corporate workers at their desks,

On factory floors,

On hospital wards,

Confronted by security guards

Who escort them into a huge auditorium,

Locked behind them,

Where a company official

Notifies them that as of this moment

they are all downsized

Due to the company's

financial emergency.

The guards will now escort them

To gather their personal things,

Turn in all company property,

Go to their cars,

And never return-

No time to say good-bye;

Captors count on surprise and paralysis,

Their targets' names,

Never again to be mentioned. …

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