Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

Knights Templar

Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

Knights Templar

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Who could survive in the Middle Ages?

A woman sleeps on a wounded shoulder.

Sun blasts above the roofs on the outskirts of town.

I'm used to the joy on your face-

who else would tell you such things?

Children return from school in the evening.

The mild intrusion of rain at night,

the smell of summer from mansard roofs and attics.

I love your breathing and quiet so much

that I listen to you even when you're silent.

How to exist in a besieged city?

In the twilight, anxiety touches you,

in the darkness all seems to be so close.

There's just one book. It's about god,

but written by who knows.

I love your hair in the night wind.

Animals react to voices from the towers.

Lilacs are torn from the peaty roadsides.

The world is limited to what you believe in.

Light was invented to end the night.

Everyone who comes here will carry out what they can.

I know when you remember you'll recall only the good.

Tamed, like animals, the Middle Ages

guard us, taking their positions.

The world is created such that we have something to lose:

this forest, this voice, the left bank of a river.


What will happen to them when they all return?

Stone rosaries worn down, like the animals' fangs,

wrinkles around the eyes-deep as rivers in spring.

A true faith grows from heresy.

As they drift through this palestine,

the sun above them burns like a slab of gold.

Touch sacred soil with your burnt skin.

War for new territory is always allied with faith.

When they return, when they disarm,

when they defend themselves in dark chronicles,

only the faithful will remain with them. …

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